Workshops will be held In-Person at The Oaks clubhouse in Elk Grove, Located at 9761 East Stockton Blvd.
Happy sewing!

We have great workshops planned just for you. Please support the guild and attend our workshops. The instructors are paid out of our guild funds. We need to charge for the workshops to help offset the cost so PLEASE help by signing up for a workshop or two and learn a new technique or improve your skills as a quilter. Open to members and members from area guilds on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you belong to another guild, you are welcome to attend any class that is not already full.  Please sign up for classes at the general meetings.

For sign up for workshops, please contact Lee Perkins at

Other guilds in our area also have speakers and workshops that may be of interest to our members, and many welcome non-members in any class that is not full. Click here to see a listing of nearby quilt guilds with links to their programs pages.

The supply list and the project are underscored and highlighted below.



July 20

Kite Quilt by
Lee Perkins
Supply List