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July 2016

Linda B with Happy Camper Quilt and Hawaiian table runner

Clarice B with Dino quilt

Kathy S with NY skyline and Places You Go quilt

Donna O with Yellow Brick Road on point

Schelly N with OMG quilt and Christmas Wish, A Pony quilt

Doris L with Dresden Purse

Marcy D with 2 quilts

Clydeen M with mini tuffet

Suzie S with BOM quilt

Sylvia G with BOM quilt

Lee P with Downton Abbey quilt

Jacquie K with 3 UFOs

Sylvia P with Gypsy Girl quilt and Stripey Squares quilt

Sue O with a tote for her

Pam J with Gardening lap robe



Malene E with community service quilt and backing

Robin T with lap quilt

Sherry F with squares

Sue S with Vegetable quilt for Farm to Food

Sue M with 50 Shades of Blue quilt and tuffet project




Wacky Houses by Juli N, Karen J and Pat R.

Shirley W with Birds in my Garden and Log Cabin quilts

Schelley N with Winter Retreat

Malene E with community service quilt

Kathy S with Kachina Pillow

Sue M with finished tuffet























Sue D with Flying Geese quilt and Kooterai Forest quilt

Lee P with Northern Lights quilt

Malene E with 3 Advent Calendar quilts

Jacquie K with Cabins in the Snow quilt and community service quilt

























September Retreat - Very Busy Ladies



Debbie Jean




Schelly and Lee











October Community Sew



Clydeen M with Pumpkins, Wool Vase, and Queen Bee wallhangings

Chris Z with Chinese Lanterns and Geisha Girls quilts

Karen J with Kaleidoscope of Color

Kristin E with Blue Strips Quilt As You Go and backside

Lee P with Pinwheel quilt

Marion M with Sunflowers at Midnight

Clarice B with embroidered Pigs

Sue O community service quilt

Nancy Z with Marilyn Monroe quilt, landscape quilt and Christmas trucks quilt

Vivian R with Hunter Star quilt and Minnie Mouse quilt

Pam J with Pumpkin Pies quilt




Karen C with jelly roll quilt

Linda B with African quilt

Pam J with African Animal quilt

Malene E with 2 Christmas quilts and Paris quilt