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January 2015


Karen V with minuature Tavelin Twister quilt


Juli N with Elegant Circles

Billie S with Flying Free

Kristin E with Luminosity and Giants baby quilt

Sylvia P with Monet's Wedding Ring and Celebration quilts

Linda R with Hello Kitty and Animal Kingdom quilts

Kathy S with a completed Quilt of Valor

Vivian R with her first quilt and quilt as you go



Linda B with French Braid and Floral Ecilpse quilts

Juli N with baby quilt

Jacquie K with 2 quilts

Judy B with Quilt of Valor

Kathryn J withPastel Wonder and From My Mother's Window


Linda B with Chelsea's quilt

Sue M with 2 Disappearing 9-patch and French Braid

Schelly N with 3 quilts

Karen J with French Braid and tote bag

Jini S with Cabin Windows



Karen J with Red and White Chubby Bag

Beverly G with Happy Scrappy Houses

Pat R with Garden Gatherings