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July 2014

Sue O with Gretta's quilt, Christmas quilt, and Asian Red quilt

Karen M with Batik Wheels

Terry H withCaroling Snowmen quilt

Clydeen M with first Wool quilt-Imperial Blooms

Nancy Z with Yellow Brick Road quilt

Kathy S with Erin's Garden


Linda D with Bag Holders

Clarice B with Bargello quilt and 1st BOM

Gaylenne T with Happy Village

Donna O with Diaries of Civil War Soldiers quilt

Kristin E with QR Code quilt

Chris and Nancy Z with quilts

Terry H with Tote Bag

Kathie D with Bargello quilt and My Girls quilt

Helen B with Table Runner

Linda R with Tuscan Wedding and BOM

Karen J with Floral View Along the Way quilt, Benny & June flannel quilt and Bargello quilt

Kathy S with Crazy quilt and Amish Stripes quilt


Judy B with first wool quilt


Pat S with Quilt as you Go

Georgette K beaded square

Vivian R with many quilt tops

Karen V with Music is Life quilt and tote bag

Linda R with Batik Strips

Sue O with Silver and Black quilt

Kathie D with Sweet Maggie Mae quilt and Reverse Applique quilt

Terry H with tote bag and Poppy quilt

Jaylynne T Under the Sea quilt

Kristin E with Crazy Quilt as you Go