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July 2013


Jan S with Selvage Quilt
Shirley W with Winding Ways quilt

Kathy S with Clothes line Tote

Karen J with Block of the month quilt

Nancy C with Block of the month quilt



Janel R and Kathy S with mannequin and fabric frame

Clarice B with vintage apron

Linda D with halloween quilt

Jacquie K with cross stitch quilt, table runner and Sandcastles quilt

Pat S with Hand candlewicking quilt

Linda B with irish chain quilt

Nancy C with Her first free motion quilt

Sylvia P with wedding ring quilt and grandmother's quilt

Kathy S with Layette ensamble, Nursery rhythms jackets for herself and brother, and Rami Kim's Fruit quilt




Linda D with Pears and Apples Quilt

Jan S with Crossroads and Just Trees

Kathryn J. with Cat wallhanging

Kathy S with quilted picture frame and Circles quilt

Carol V with Winding Ways,Robin Gloria Loughinian quilts



Sylvia P with How Red is My Quilt and Halloween quilt

Terry H with fabric painting

Sue O with Tahoe Trees quilt and Fit for a King quilts

Marcia R with quilted frame and 2 mannequins

Nancy C with I Love my Grandma quilt and free motion quilting

Terry H with Halloween Village, Sue M with Fantasy Village, Marcia R with Halloween Village, Kathryn J with Greek Village and Judith B with happy village.



Fran N with husband's death quilt

Darlene L with table runners

Louise S with child's quilt


Chris Z with red school house quilt

Sue M, Karen C and Terry H with Poppies from October workshop

Terry H with Christmas Villae

Karen V with lighted Christmas tree

Janet T with Pumpkin go round

Vivian R with Pokey Puppy, front and back and Blue Unite

Jini S with Advent Banner

Kristin E with Batik Beauty and Crazy Christmas

Doris L with Batik watercolor, quilt top for community service and 10 minute table runners.

Sylvia P with Sunny Days and Island Chain

Kathy S with Southwest jacket