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January 2011

Jan S with Selvage Edge Tote Bag, Japanese Zigsaw puzzle quilt, and Star Gazer quilt

Kathy S with Road Home from OK quilt

Amy S with Christmas Trees quilt and Mystery class quilt

Sharon M with Elephant Woven Silouette quilt

Kristin E with Shared Stitches BOM quilt

Terry H with Embroidery BOM quilt

Sylvia P with Frogs in Boxes-front and back


KC B with I Spy and Billfish quilts

Clarice B with 2nd Hand Rose #1

Jacquie K with 2 green batik quilts and Asian wallhanging

Vivian R with Garden Twist


Sylvia P with Deb Karesek class quilt

Jan S with magazine article of her quilt

Helen B with Fist wallhanging and quilt

Sharon M with Feathered Wreaths

Jan S with Mary Engelbright panel

Kristen E with Reversible Quilt

Sue M with baby quilt

Vivian R with Thomas the Train quilt

Karen J with Food Court and Rachel's Kalahari Magic

Fran N with tote bag

Sylvia P with No point Star quilt

Chris Z still quilting quilt

Gail G with Skylas quilt

Jane C with Flower Basket Quilt

Candace L with Scraps for Japan

Jan S with Sun quilt

Vivian R quilt

Dotty P with Cinco Snippets

Kristen E quilt

Jan S with tote bag

Terry H withPetals in the Wind

Helen B with Tropicial Breeze

Karen M with Spun Out of Control

Sue M president's quilt for Merrill-Lee

Sharon M with class applique project from and Wheel of Many Colors 2nd place prize winner

Gail G with Wedding Ring Quilt