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July 2008 Workshop with Peggy Martin


July Sew and Show (Please contact the webmaster below if any of these are wrong)

Marcia R with Gaggle of Geese

Jan S with Cherry Picnic Crazy Nine Patch

Clarice B with Crazy Nine Patch

Karen L with My Sewing Room's Aqua Star

Patti B with Strips and Curves

Kristin E with Gazania

Michele H with Dragon Quilt Silk Screen

Carol Ann M with Quilt your Husband

Inez H with A Quilter's Garden and Bear River



Jane C with Mini Quilt

August Sew and Show

Marilyn L with Flower
Color Falls

Evelyne H with Chocolate Pandas

Kathie D with embroidered shirt

Karen L with Yipes

Nancy Z with Asian Crazy 9 Patch and Mini Quilt

Jacquie K with
20th Anniversary Quilt

Karen L with Ride 'em Cowboy

Sylvia P with Mini Churn Dash, Off-Center Jacob's Ladder, Midnight Madness, and Long May She Wave

Carol V with Grand Convergence and Kaleidoscope Star

Vivian R with Hearts Quilt



September Sew and Show

Carol Ann M with a community
service quilt and Attic Windows

Gail G with Halloween wall
hanging and Chris' Quilt

Karen L with gift for sister

Jacquie K with a table runner
and Lauren's Quilt

Sylvia P with Crazy 9-patch and
It's a Bad Hare Day Quilt

Kristin E with an
Amy Bulter bag

Terry H with Laurel Burch quilt and
Chain of Daisier quilt

Penny M with reversible quilt

Suzie S with jelly
roll apron

Helen B with 2 table runners and jacket

Nancy/Chris Z with a halloween quilt, autumn
quilt, a crazy 9-patch quilt and a chinese latern quilt

October Sew and Show  

Kelly B with flowers for Sandra from Rami Kim
and theme-pillow cases

Connie H with Faces of Diversity

Barbara T with a
Halloween Table Runner

Renae M
with a Flintstone quilt

Shirley W with rabbits
for Karson

Linda B with Jungle Fever

. Jan S with No Fruits
or Vegetables

Sylvia P with Scaredy Cat and
Night Fire (Mardi Gras)

Marcia R withParty time

Clarice B with Christmas Runner
and Sweat shirts applique

Martha Y with
Sweat shirts applique






















































November Sew and Show

Terry H and Carol W with
Mystery Quilts

Malene E with Mystery Quilt

Carol Ann M with Doggy quilt and table runner

Gail G with Rodeo Kids

Carol V

Jane C with sandcastles and halloween hangers

Linda B with puppy tote
Simone C with Pumpkin Patch, Bow Wow and Happy Halloween quilts
Jacquie K with Fall Wall hanging

Vivian R with Wizard of Oz

Linda B with Christmas Countdown calendar

Karen J with Jim's Irish Chain

Jan S with Rising Star jacket and quilt

Macria R with Twin Pines and Xmas Reindeer

Sylvia P with Nine patch Pizzazz and Mystery Quilt