The Elk Grove Quilt Guild has joined in with the national grassroots community service effort of the Quilts of Valor Foundation ( ). The Foundation began with Blue Star mom Catherine Roberts in 2003. Her original goal was to see that returning troops from overseas were welcomed home with love and gratitude for their service. Over time, the Foundation's mission has evolved to cover all service men and women as well as veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. Our Guild participates by creating quilts and awarding them to veterans in our local community.

The following veterans have been awarded Quilts of Valor by our members:


James Wine, US Army
Vietnam War
(Quilt by Gail Gibson)

Angela Brush, US Navy,
2005 2010
(Quilt by Kathryn James)

Alfred Fernandez, US Air Force
(Quilt by Pam Jewell)

Frederick Young, US Army
Vietnam War
(Quilt by Karen Moore)

Glenn Liska, U.S. Army
Vietnam War
(Quilt by Pat Remmert)

Ernie Costa, US Navy Reserve/ Coast Guard,
(Quilt by Malene Evans)

Justin Halterman, US Air Force
First Sergeant at Travis AF Base
(Quilt by Kathy Sansone)

Ray Salvador, US Army
Vietnam War
(Quilt by Marcia Richards)

Ken Smith, US Air Force
Vietnam War
(Quilt by Karen Valdez)

Michael l Hosmann, U.S. Army (Recruiter)
1992 - 2012
(Quilt by Linda Ramsey)

Morrie Nelson, Air Corp
(Quilt by Gail Gibson)

Matthew Dierking, US Navy/Army
(Quilt by Terry Harman)

Wayne M Mallory, US Army
2011 - 2016
(Quilt by Sue Martin)

Richard McDuff, U.S. Army (retired)
(Quilt by Billy and Arlene Simmons)

Jimmy Keller, US Air Force
Vietnam War
(Quilt by Judy Bello)

Dean Woods, US Army
Iraq and Afghanistan
(Quilt by Sue Damron)

Christopher Chapman, US Air Force
Sicily and Kosov
(Quilt by Donna Sweeney)

Gary Brickler, US Army
Korea, Japan, Germany, Belize, Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, Djibouti, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Iraq.
(Quilt by Karen Moore)

Fred Tully, Jr., US Marine Corps (retired)
(Quilt by Marta McNaughton)

Phillip and Jeffrey Meserve, US Air Force (retired)
(Quilts by Cokie MacDonald and Marta McNaughton)

Dan Shockley, U.S. Navy (retired)
1981 - 2003
(Quilt by Marta McNaughton)

Richard Luthi, U.S. Marine
(Quilt by Rosemarie Davis)

Kent Shebelut, U.S. Army Vietnam
(Quilt by Sylvia Porter)

Sarah Mansfield, U.S. Navy (Retired)
1980 - 2012
(Quilt by Kathy Sansone)

Lewis Mutschler, U.S. Army 1960-63
(Quilt by Sylvia Porter)

David Perkins, U.S. Marines and the Virginia National Guard
(Quilt by Lee Perkins)

John Williams, U.S. Army
(Quilt by Shirley Wells)

Joseph Sieber, US Air Corps WW II
(Quilt by Pat Turner)

Sam Rinelli, US Air Force WW II

Rob Brett, US Air Force
(Quilt by Sharlene Melhaff)

Jim King, US Army Korean War

Harold Witt, US Army Japan
(Quilt by Shirley Gruner)

Clyde Edon, US Navy Pacific Ocean and Philippines
(Quilt by Faye Austin)

Carl Guelzow, US Air Force 1951 - 1971
(Quilt by Rosie Brown)

Bert Norton, US Air Force 1948 - 1968 (Quilt by Diana Wogen)

George Marquardt, US Air Force Korean War
(Quilt by Georgeann Anderson)